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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many advantages to having a swimming pool in your backyard including, the fact that it often provides entertainment for the whole family and a great place to exercise. Whether you have been considering the installation of a pool for years or months, many questions arise. Our knowledgeable team at Riverstone Pools is here to help answer these questions with confidence.

  • How Will I Receive Information?

    We want you to be happy with the construction process. In order to communicate, we need to know how you best receive information… email, text or phone calls. 

  • How Do I Know When The Crew Is Coming Out?

    Other than the first day and the last day when we need you there, you do not need to plan on being home. Due to the complexity of construction scheduling, we are happy to answer your questions in regard to the next step in the construction process. After we dig the pool, we may not be at your house every day.

  • How Long Will The Pool Process Take?

    Fiberglass Pools typically takes about 4-6 weeks. Gunite Pools are fully customized, typically taking 3-6 months. This varies depending on pool size, weather, quantity of concrete deck, and other construction circumstances.

  • Whose Responsibility Is The Electric?

    Riverstone Pools would be happy to take care of any electrical work necessary to complete the installation of your pool as an additional service. If you prefer to hire a separate contractor for electric hook-ups, you will need to hire a certified electrician and will be provided a spec sheet with utility requirements; most electricians will give free estimates. If you have chosen a gas heater, Riverstone Pools would be happy to take care of any gas work necessary to complete installation as an additional service. If you prefer to hire a separate contractor for gas hook-ups, you will need to hire a certified gas plumber to do all gas line work. If you are having new propane installed for a heater, you will need to call a local gas provider to set the tank before the plumber’s work. Please note, all contractors are responsible for their own trenches.

  • What About The HOA?

    Any applicable HOA applications and/or fees are the responsibility of the homeowner, as well as any zoning variance application fees. We will provide drawings to help with HOA approvals.

  • When Do I Need To Be Home?

    Please plan to be home the first hour of the first day and the last hour of the last day. We ask that you be home in the morning of dig day, just for an hour or so, to help us lay the pool out and go over project details.

  • What Kind Of Access Is Required And What About Fence?

    We require a minimum of 16’ of access and we prefer that there be NO fence until after we finish your project. If there is an existing fence, we are willing to assist with post removal to gain access; however, posts that we may remove will likely be unusable after removal. We do not replace, rebuild or install fencing.

  • Who Calls In And Schedules Inspections?

    We will call in inspections for our work. Electricians, gas plumbers and any other contractors will call in their inspections for their work.

  • How Can I Expect My Yard To Look When You Are Done?

    We will provide a rough grade with a Bobcat using the material excavated from the pool. If the material is sand, rock and gravel, the grade will be done with sand, rock and gravel. We will grade around the pool and the access. Extra dirt may need to be removed. If extra dirt (topsoil) is required to do the yard grade, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to bring in dirt (topsoil companies and landscapers can do this). The yard will usually need some hand work prior to being ready for seed or sod when we are finished. It is the homeowner’s responsibility for the seeding or sodding of the yard.