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Gunite Pools

How is Gunite/Shotcrete Different?

Gunite differs from Shotcrete because the water is not added until the last minute before the concrete is dispensed onto the surface. The dry mixture of sand and cement are inserted into the hopper and sent down the hose in the same way as shotcrete. However, when the dry mixture reaches the end of the hose the water is added before leaving the spout and covering the surface.

With both gunite and shotcrete, the pressure from the hose compresses the ingredients which allow it to stick to the surface and then expand.

Why Choose a Gunite/Shotcrete Pool?

Unlike fiberglass pools, gunite pools can be made on-site which allows for more flexibility and is easier to install.

Gunite pools are incredibly durable and do not require a liner. This allows the pool to look better and retain its shape over time.

Durable plaster options offered by our partners at PebbleTec come with up to a 15-year warranty, a beautiful finish, and many color and texture options. This is unique to concrete pools and a very upscale look and feel.